We are pleased to announce that ShowBiz Sender
has just been acquired by MailerLite

Ever since we launched ShowBiz Sender in 2012 our goal was to have a super-easy way for those in the Entertainment Industry to promote their projects, events and themselves - without being charged the high-cost that other newsletter services burden you with every time you grow your subscriber list.

In 3 short years we have achieved that!

With this recent acquisition MailerLite will continue to build and enhance the application to make it the most incredible, user-friendly newsletter service available.

What Does This Acquisition Mean for Our Current Clients?

Nothing. Really. The prices you pay now will remain the same. The application as you know it is exactly the same... however, you will encounter some additional amazing features through MailerLite. Yes, all of your Sends, Drafts and Subscribers will remain.

Only TWO BIG Changes for Our Current Clients:


1.) Current ShowBiz Sender clients should login at a different login page.

Your new login link is:

Use the same exact login credentials you currently use to get into your account. Again, all of your Sends, Drafts and Subscribers will be there!

2.) For all future support, simply contact:


By the way, MailerLite's support team is fantastic!


In Closing...

If you have any questions regarding this acquisition feel free to contact me at BV@HoldonLog.com. For any technical support, contact support@MailerLite.com.

It is with great confidence that we here at ShowBiz Sender put you in the hands of support@MailerLite.com! You will be VERY happy!


Brian Vermeire, CEO
Holdon Log (the parent company of ShowBiz Sender)